Under Water?

We have been receiving many phone calls concerning the recent flooding and water damage in the Atlanta area. If you have had to deal with any sort of damage to your home, we primarily hope everybody is safe from harm. If you are like so many of us out there who are having to deal with this catastrophe out of your own pocket, we have some money saving tips for you:

  1. Move as much furniture as you can out of the damaged area. You can even put the furniture up on small blocks of Styrofoam or wood so it is not sitting in a damp area.
  2. Use a shop vacuum or wet / dry vac to remove as much water out of your carpet as possible.
  3. Pull your carpet back starting from a corner. This is easily done with some pliers or a screw driver. Once you have a small corner you can grip it and pull it up.
  4. Use a razor blade knife to cut the wet pad, or carpet cushion, out and discard it in some heavy duty garbage bags.
  5. Now you must start drying out the carpet and the room.  In order to prevent mold and mildew from being introduced throughout your house, do not turn on your HVAC system.  Put as many fans and dehumidifiers around the area as you can.
  6. Now, closely monitor the drying out process and call Carpet Depot when it is time to reinstall NEW pad and your carpet.

If these steps are something you need help with, please call us and we can get someone out to you to help with the process. There is no job too small or too large for us. If you feel you will need a complete , or partial, flooring replacement, Carpet Depot is always here to help at Atlanta’s guaranteed lowest price.

Thank you and good luck!
Wayne Hughes

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